1. What is your minimum order quantity for direct buyers?

  • Our minimum order quantity is fourteen (14) crates of wood products. It can be a mix of various thickness and product types.
  • For orders less than 14 crates, we forward and refer your orders to our authorized ZAMBOPLY dealers to better accommodate your inquiries and requirements.

2.  Do you accept custom orders?

  • Yes, we can make special production arrangements for orders outside of the standard sizes and dimensions.

3. What makes ZAMBOPLY™ different from other plywood brands in the market?

  • We do not short-change our clients on quality; assured best quality materials and techniques are used to make each panel.
  • We strictly adhere to the parameters set by the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards, such that we get rid of problems associated with cheap but substandard plywood like panel delamination, weak bonding, mislabeling of plywood type, etc.

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